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"A Doctor's Confession to
the town of Jackson."

Dear Friend,

     I want to give credit where credit is due.  So, perhaps a confession can help clear the air.  Before I talk about my confession, though, let me start by explaining the photo in this letter.  

    You know, when I meet people in town they usually say, "I know you. You're Dr. Anderson. I've seen your ad with the picture of you and your dog." Yes, that's me all right. When I was young, my mom had cancer. Little did I know, ten years later it was my turn. Yes, cancer can be hereditary and now I learned first hand all the fears my mom went through... how long will I live and do I have to have chemotherapy. God certainly got my attention then as tears filled my waking and sleeping hours.

    But my mom and I, we were the lucky ones… we survived.  It occurred to me then, why, when people have the same disease, do some survive and others not.

    I found the answer a few years later when a friend convinced me to give their doctor a try.   The chiropractor did an exam, took some films and  “adjusted” my spine.  The adjustment didn’t hurt, it, actually felt good.  I no longer lived with the headaches and back pain I was used to.

    It’s strange how life is, because now people come to see me with all kinds of aches, from back, neck and shoulder, to arm pain, whiplash, ear infections, numbness in limbs, and athletic injuries, just to name a few. 

    Several times a day patients thank me for helping them with their health problems.  But I can’t really take the credit.  My confession is that I’ve never healed anyone of anything.

    What I do is perform a specific spinal adjustment to remove nerve pressure, and the body responds by healing itself.  We get tremendous results.  It’s as simple as that!

   Studies show that chiropractic can double your immune capacity, naturally without drugs.  The immune system fights colds, flu’s, and other sicknesses.  So you may not be running off to the doctor as much.  Studies show people actually pay less for their long-term overall health care expenses if they are seeing a chiropractor. 

    You benefit from an Amazing Offer. When you bring in my special coupons (see the Promotions Page of this website) you will receive my entire New Patient exam, the Myovision Testing and an adjustment for only $58... that's the whole ball of wax.

    Not to fret, however, because "further care" is very affordable and you'll be happy to know that I have treatment programs to help you save even more money.

    You see I am not trying to seduce you to come see me with this low start up fee, then to only make it up with high fees after that.  “Further care” is very important to consider when making your choice of doctor.  High costs add up very quickly.

    Great care at a great fee… Please, I hope that there’s no misunderstanding about quality of care.  My qualifications… I graduated from Palmer College, I associated in a doctor’s office for four years while in school, and I performed my clinical rotations in San Jose and San Francisco, California. While in school, I also went to the Palo Alto School of massage to become a massage therapist.  In my previous career, I was and still am a Personal trainer.  Fortunately, through all of my training, I’ve been entrusted to take care of tiny babies, children and athletes within the community.

   My office is called Integrity Chiropractic and Family Wellness and I try my best to make you feel at home

  I am located at 350 E Broadway (the building that looks like the White House – halfway between the square and hospital).

  My phone number is 307-734-6006.  Call me today for an appointment.  I can help you.

 Thank you,

-          Dr. Scot Thomas Anderson

Here’s what my patients had to say:

     In 30 years of chiropractic, Dr. Anderson is the only chiropractor that evaluated my spine before he adjusted me
– Thomas B.

    I no longer have to take drugs to be able to walk and exercise now.  I can actually live my life without being attached to my medicine cabinet
– Rachel S.

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